Sign up for your free Village Nuts eMail address

The Village Nuts are pleased to announce the availablility for a free eMail account for our members.

Are you tired of all the spam that goes to your regular eMail and want to start with a 'clean' address? Now's your chance!

Already have an eMail account, don't worry, we can set this up to forward any mail to your existing eMail account.

If you have't already, just fill in the form below and send it off. Setting up the eMail accounts is a manual process, so please be patient, it may take us up to 48 hours to set everything up. I'll send instructions on how to access it once the mailbox has been configured.

There are three options available to receive eMail sent to this account:
- You can read the eMail on-line using a browser from any place where you have internet access.
- You can downlad it to any POP compliant reader (Outlook, Pegasus, MacMail, Eudora, etc.)
- You can have the mail forwarded to another eMail address
Whichever option you choose can be changed in the future


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